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Scenic Photography
Duane Burleson on Cascade Pass Trail, WashingtonWelcome, feel free to browse around and let me know what you think. This area of the web site is a showcase of my wildlife and outdoor photography. That's me on the Cascade Pass Trail in Washington State's North Cascades National Park. What great scenery!
My page on Olympic and North Cascades National Park is the most recent addition to this site. The emphasis continues to be the kind of pictures I shoot for fun - nature, wildlife and the outdoors. These include a 1994 trip to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, my favorite ungulate the Wapiti , more commonly known as elk , birds of the Florida Everglades and the wildlife and places of my home state of Michigan, photographed throughout the years. As a photojournalist, shooting mostly sports, a link to my professional portfolio is on the home page.

Stock Photography - Grizzly Bear Michigan Photography - Upper Tahquamenon Falls Florida Photography - Snowy Egret
Wyoming Photography - Bull Elk Bugles
A grizzly bear (top) peers from the brush along the North Fork Shoshone River, Shoshone National Forest, just east of Yellowstone National Park . A bull elk bugles in the early morning sun during the rut in Sept. 1994. Visit my elk page for more pictures. The upper Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's upper peninsula are framed by the lush fall colors of late October, 1995. One of the largest falls east of the Mississippi, it has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across. A snowy egret perches on a stick to sun itself in Everglade National Park, Florida.

North Cascades National Park Yellowstone National Park - Grizzly Bear Rocky Mountain Elk or Wapiti Michigan Wildlife Photography Florida Wildlife Photography

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