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grand tetons
The Grand Tetons rise from the plains as you look to the west. Rain and clouds hid the mountains for almost two days before the foul weather cleared and blue skies framed the mountain range. The weather in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem can change quickly as the temperature at Colter Bay campground during our mid-September trip would drop to almost freezing each night. Every morning you could see that snow had fallen in the higher elevations with more of the peaks covered in white.
bull elk bugles while silhouetted
bull elk rubs antlers bull elk with grass in antlers
A bull elk, top, bugles in the early morning sun east of West Yellowstone. Another bull observing his surroundings with grass tangled in his antlers, above, before rubbing against a tree to exhibit his power to any other bull in the area.
Photographing the elk involves rising before daylight to allow enough time for travel and be in position when the sun comes up. During mid-day the herd will move into the trees to browse and bed down. They will return late in the afternoon. Visit my ELK PAGE for more pictures of this regal animal.

mule deer spar mule deer
Two mule deer bucks spar in the early morning sun of mid-September (L) as another pair browse
near a meadow between Fishing Bridge and Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park.

pronghorn antelope
A pronghorn antelope makes its way over a hill on the plains east of
Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

From their web site - " is a celebration of wild country and the people that fight to protect it. We offer a variety of articles on outdoor recreation, wilderness issues, and wildlife issues. More than anything else, we hope to preserve the wild country that the incredible American Grizzly bear needs to survive."
bear logo Grizzly Discovery Center contains a lot of information about Ursus arctos horribilis, the grizzly bear and the web site Vital Ground is an organization that promotes land conservation and works to preserve grizzly bears and their habitat.
national park logoFor more information about Yellowstone, including park facilities sightseeing, camping, Ranger-led activities, recreational opportunities, fees and more, visit the
NPS Yellowstone National Park page.
wolf logo For the latest information on the re-introduction of wolves in Yellowstone and Idaho, visit Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report. Ralph is a Ph.D from Pocatello, Idaho, and follows the wolves re-introduction and progress. Well worth the visit.
map thumbHere is a nice relief map of a portion of Yellowstone that includes Madison Canyon, Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful), Lower Geyser Basin and Shoshone Lake. It's a larger file (108K) but to retain the details this is needed.
An interesting article about the eating habits of grizzly bears in Glacier National Park as observed by former Montana State University graduate student Don White Jr.
Weather forecasts for Wyoming cities are available from The Weather Channel or go to their United States map to choose another state's forecast. Use your web browser "back" function to return to this page.
Canadian National Park logo Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, is part of the Waterton / Glacier International Peace Park. This site has a lot of information about the park such as where to camp and what to see.
national park logo Glacier National Park in northwest Montana, is part of the Waterton / Glacier International Peace Park. This is the official NPS site and contains a lot of information about visiting this beautiful, rugged country.


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